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Spear Digest


Why Gingivectomies Fail

At one time or another, we all want or need to move gingival tissues. While our patients may need us to do that in order to reach their goals, it is a...

| 2 years ago

Getting The “Sharpness” Right on Your Restorations

Have you ever had a patient say they have a hard time chewing, yet their teeth are clearly making contact? Maybe they even said their teeth are not 'sharp'...

| 2 years ago

But Doc, Can’t You Just Fix My Broken Tooth?

While we all want to help patients in this situation as quickly as possible, it is important to ask ourselves what caused the broken tooth. In this particular...

| 2 years ago

PFMs: They Are Not Dead Yet!

As we all know, we have a lot of new materials to pick from – and yet sometimes 'old friends' are the best thing for us to remember. Two of those...

| 2 years ago

Crown Lengthening, Part I

We all know it's a fact that crown lengthening is often beneficial, if not downright required, to achieve an optimal restorative result for our patients.

| 2 years ago

Soft Tissue Healing Around Dental Implants

As we all know, proper soft tissue healing is critical around dental implants. Not only must we achieve healthy tissue, but it is often vital to the success...

| 2 years ago

Increase Predictability With Your Lab

Would you like to make your communication with your lab more predictable? When it comes to increasing predictability, communication with our lab is the...

| 3 years ago

Need Smoother Preps?

As we all know the smoother we make our preparations, especially in regards to indirect restorations, the better. Smooth preparations not only facilitate...

| 4 years ago