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Spear Digest


I'll Keep That Case, Thank You!

Many years ago when I was new to my own practice I had a hard conversation with one of the periodontists with whom I was working. I told him that I was...

| 2 years ago

Thoughts on Being a Volunteer

I just finished a week at Open Wide Foundation's clinic in Peronia, Guatemala. It was a chance for me to grow, yet again, in this life I love. I was not...

| 5 years ago

It is always a question of values

I have a good friend who recently had a very challenging experience with her longtime dentist. She has been in the practice since she was a child and...

| 6 years ago

Sometimes You Gotta

I just spent eight days in remote Alaska. No access to any electronic communication devices except a satellite phone in case of a bear eating my leg....

| 6 years ago

Don't You Love a Challenge?

This young lady decided to try shooting a handgun that had considerable recoil. Without proper instruction, she pulled the trigger and the gun kicked...

| 6 years ago

Photo Tips

Those blasted buccal shots! Hard to see and hard to be sure that the correct alignment and framing are in the image. Most of the time, I believe that...

| 6 years ago

You Gotta Play!

We were hiking in Sedona, Ariz. over the holiday weekend. I think other than the scenery, the best part was not having a cell phone signal most of the...

| 6 years ago

An Ethical Discussion

Here's one for you all to debate. This 20-year-old is a new patient in my practice and I have not yet worked up the case. She had 10 upper and...

| 7 years ago

Off the Pedestal

Not too long ago, in one of my blogs, I was chastised by a responder for not doing what he thought I should have done. This was followed by the comment,...

| 7 years ago

Powers of Observation Part 2

SPOILER ALERT! I'm going to reveal the answer to the premolar wear facet question from Part One of this blog, so if you want to take a guess before you...

| 7 years ago

Weird Stuff I Get to See

This bridge has been in place for about 20 years. The patient is beginning a comprehensive course of treatment and we are getting ready for ortho so...

| 7 years ago

Intentional Learning

I was working through a case with a young dentist recently. She was feeling overwhelmed by how much she doesn't know about the different aspects of treating...

| 8 years ago