We were hiking in Sedona, Ariz. over the holiday weekend. I think other than the scenery, the best part was not having a cell phone signal most of the time we were on the trails. We hiked a trail called Secret Canyon, hard to find and worth the trouble. Finally had a chance to give my truck a workout and get to the backcountry. Wow!

The HooDoos (tall spires of sandstone and rock) are spectacular; the colors of the Sedona geology are inspirational and we only saw a handful of other hikers. The quiet was music. No cars, no planes, no noise but the wind. It was the first time in months that I have felt the full power of the planet we live on. I was enthralled; everyplace I looked I saw something even more beautiful.

I work way too much; I love it, yet without taking time to play, what's the point?

Jane and I have purposely carved out time to spend doing our favorite things and they have to be some of the first dates on the calendar to be protected. I guess as I continue to accumulate grey hair, I find that there are way too many things I want to do before it is no longer possible. Maybe we'll see you on a trail sometime.