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Implants — The Surgical Restorative Connection

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Your Patient's Parents Are Not (Totally) To Blame For Their Poor Oral Health

This article will help you understand the role of genetics in determining biomarkers that could impact a patient's oral health.

| 9 hours ago

Spear Releases New Pathway Covering CPR Protocol and LTR Classification

Spear has released a new pathway led by Dr. Ricardo Mitrani, which covers the CPR treatment planning protocol and introduces the LTR prosthetic treatment...

| 1 day ago

How Many Implants in the Edentulous Maxilla?

When treatment planning implants in the edentulous maxilla, how many do you need? Dr. Doug Benting investigates.

| 2 days ago

How to Avoid Becoming a "CE Hobbyist"

When it comes to implementing your new CE skills in your practice and with your entire team, are you doing so fully and successfully? This article is...

| 3 days ago

Cleaning Appliances: A Simple Service to Offer Your Patients

This article will explain a technique for helping your patients clean their appliances as thoroughly as possible.

| 4 days ago

A Toolbox Essential - the RW 2.0

A true 'toolbox essential' is something that has even more applications than just its intended purpose - take the RW 2.0, for...

| 5 days ago

Dental Impression Problems: Why You Get Them and How to Avoid Them

Here are a couple of quick fixes for some common impression material issues that lead to weird models.

| 6 days ago

When to Complete a Diagnostic Wax-Up

A diagnostic wax-up is clearly an important tool for better diagnosis and treatment planning, but when exactly should you put it into practice?

| 1 week ago

Surgical Guide Classification for Full Arch Prosthesis (Part 2)

This article continues Dr. Mitrani's discussion of full-arch prostheses by explaining the use of analog- and CAD/CAM generated guides.

| 1 week ago

How to Provisionalize an Entire Arch

Utilizing the FGTP planning process throughout the process of provisionalizing a full arch will ensure greater case success.

| 1 week ago

What Do Dental Consultants Know That I Don’t?

Imtiaz Manji offers insight into the benefits dental consultants offer practices.

| 1 week ago

Is Your Toothpaste Being Too Hard on You?

This article will give you a solid understanding of the abrasiveness of certain toothpastes and their impact on tooth structure.

| 2 weeks ago

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