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Spear Study Club

Learn with Like-Minded Peers in Your Community

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What is a Spear Study Club?

Launch and lead your own club, or join one that reflects your ideals


An Intimate, Reliable Study Club Experience

Achieve clinical excellence, grow your practice and enjoy dentistry more through the support of a club structure that equips you with exclusive content and learning tools.


Become a Thought Leader

Guide your fellow doctors to Great Dentistry.

Leading a club is the ideal way to positively support and encourage stronger interdisciplinary teamwork in your community. We provide you with tools to develop a highly collaborative system that builds trust and enables everyone to improve.

As a Spear Study Club Leader, you set the pace for your club to meet up to eight times a year in a comfortable, small-group environment. Each meeting incorporates guided discussion videos and clinical resources, including online learning modules created and taught by world-renowned Spear Resident Faculty.

Study Club Leader
Fortify the Interdisciplinary Team

Strengthen how you and your trusted colleagues collaborate on interdisciplinary cases

Sharpen Clinical Skills

You and your interdisciplinary team members build confidence with understanding how various roles contribute to more consistent case outcomes

Maximize Profitability

Establish a process where everyone feels empowered on routine referrals and more complex cases, rather than just generating more work


Learn Alongside the Best and Brightest

We’ll locate a club that satisfies your drive toward Great Dentistry.

Joining a Spear Study Club is as simple as getting mapped to one in your area that includes interdisciplinary team members with the right mix of expertise to help you improve. The small-group dynamic enables everyone on the team to learn clinical strategies and shape lasting bonds.

Study Club Member
Sharpen Clinical Skills

Expand your clinical skills by collaborating on real-world cases in a supportive environment backed by Spear curriculum and learning tools

Learn from Trusted Peers

Understand what drives positive, predictable patient outcomes by better understanding the perspectives of your fellow interdisciplinary team members

Quality Referrals

Develop the rapport with team members that’s so essential to take on more complex cases and improve patient outcomes

What’s Included?

Benefits of leading and/or joining a Study Club include:

Spear Online — the Gateway to Great

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Patient Education
videos and
tablet app

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curriculum &
learning modules

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Spear Seminar

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Managers dedicated
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Admission to
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The Impact of Small-Group Learning

Hear what your colleagues say about Spear Study Club

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Ready to Lead or Join a Club
in Your Community?

Whether you’re a general practitioner seeking to join or a specialist looking to lead, Spear Study Club equips you with a small-group environment designed to help interdisciplinary teams evolve.

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