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Spear Digest


4 Tips for Decreasing Sensitivity After Composites

Is composite sensitivity just a fact of life? It doesn't have to be if you follow these four tips.

| 1 week ago

Are Scuba Divers Really at Significant Increased Risk for Dental Symptoms?

We review recent research on how scuba diving can affect dental health.

| 1 month ago

Dealing with a Damaged Implant

When treating damaged implants, are you asking the right 'whys'?

| 2 months ago

Dental Composite Comparison: Venus Diamond vs. Estelite Omega

In Part II of this dental composite comparison series, we compare Venus Diamond to Estelite Omega.

| 5 months ago

Diagnosing Dental Pain: The Phantom Menace

When diagnosing dental pain, it can be frustrating when initial tests don't reveal much if anything. One dentist shares how he solved one such case.

| 6 months ago

What Goes in a Complete Treatment Note and Why

We cover the 5 main things that should go in a dental treatment note as well as additions for unique...

| 7 months ago

Dentistry: A Service, Not a Commodity

If you don't understand they provide a service, not a commodity, your patients won't either.

| 8 months ago

4 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Cracked Teeth

We outline some considerations dentists must make when evaluating a patient who may have a cracked tooth.

| 8 months ago

3 Easy Ways to Use Stock Implant Abutments

Stock implant abutments usually require some compromises. Here are three simple ways to avoid having to make those compromises in many cases.

| 10 months ago

Preparing the Intaglio of Restorations for Delivery

If you want to make sure your restorations stay on, check out these material-specific tips on preparing and treating the internal surface of your restorations.

| 11 months ago