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Spear Digest


Is Your Dental Practice a Profit Center or a Center for Future Profits?

Comprehensive treatment gives your patients a roadmap to the long-term value of their optimal oral health, even if your practice doesn't reap an immediate...

| 3 days ago

Why Dentists Need to Know About Smoking Cessation Treatment

Having a strong understanding of smoking cessation treatment enables dentists to truly offer comprehensive and lasting oral health to their patients.

| 5 days ago

How a Spear Study Club Boosted This Orthodontist's Referral Relationships

This orthodontist's story shows that Study Clubs enable growth inside and out, from enhanced referral relationships to a more skillful and satisfying...

| 2 weeks ago

Why No Dental Practice Should Have a Waiting Room

Dr. Imtiaz Manji shares his advice on how to create a welcoming, relaxing pre-appointment environment for your patients.

| 2 weeks ago

The Ex-Factor: Patient Expectations vs. Experiences

Do your patients' experiences exceed their expectations? Here's how to make sure they do.

| 3 weeks ago