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Are Scuba Divers Really at Significant Increased Risk for Dental Symptoms?

We review recent research on how scuba diving can affect dental health.

| 11 months ago

Diagnosing Dental Pain: The Phantom Menace

When diagnosing dental pain, it can be frustrating when initial tests don't reveal much if anything. One dentist shares how he solved one such case.

| 1 year ago

Cone Beam CTs: You Don't Know What You Don't Know

Do you remember the days back in dental school when we would look at a radiographs and say something like, 'Well, we can't tell for sure but that looks...

| 2 years ago

Why Gingivectomies Fail

At one time or another, we all want or need to move gingival tissues. While our patients may need us to do that in order to reach their goals, it is a...

| 2 years ago

Are You Standing in the Way of Treatment?

One thing I often hear is that most dentists would like to have the constraints and limitations they face with insurance to vanish. I also hear the same...

| 5 years ago