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8 Steps for the Esthetic 'Emergency' Anterior Composite

Consistently incorporating these 8 simple steps will allow you to actually look forward to 'emergency' anterior composite...

| 10 months ago

The Infamous Monday After CE

How many times have we heard the phrase, this course will change the way you do dentistry on Monday – or when you go back to the office on Monday…...

| 3 years ago

Condylar Inclination? I'm Just Restoring the Front Teeth...

Most of us are doing diagnostic wax-ups before restoring front teeth – we might even be using the wax-up to make a stent for our provisional...

| 3 years ago

Trust the Process

During a recent Facially Generated Treatment Planning workshop I was talking to a participant about how much of an impact the routine use of Facially...

| 3 years ago

Is the Staining 'Triple-Threat' Working Against You?

Would you be open to the possibility that most conditions that we see in dentistry are multi-factorial and ambiguous? I thought so.

| 3 years ago