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Dentistry: Is It Really That Expensive In the Grand Scheme of Things?

Your patients' hesitation to invest in their oral health is likely tied to their perception of its overall value.

| 2 days ago

Food For Thought On How the State of Medical and Dental Care Is Changing

How can we communicate with our patients in such a way that they value treatment rather than being turned away by costs? Dr. Jeff Lineberry gives his...

| 4 months ago

Are You and Your Team Limiting Your Patients' Treatment Choices?

The way you discuss treatment and costs could have a strong impact on your patients' treatment and overall well-being.

| 6 months ago

What’s the Common Denominator with Dental Staff Problems?

If you have problems with your dental practice staff, even when you get a new team, here's the one factor you should take into consideration.

| 8 months ago

The Solo Dental Practice: Is It Dying?

As the marketplace for dentistry continues to change, solo dental practices must learn to evolve, too. Are you evolving?

| 9 months ago

The Day I Quit Dentistry

Ever wanted to quit dentistry? You're not alone. But here's how to overcome the burn out and reignite your passion.

| 1 year ago

Financial Planning for Dentists: The Other Team

For a dentist to be financially successful, they must plan ahead. Dr. Jeff Lineberry shows you how to get started.

| 2 years ago

Choosing Excellence for Your Life and Dental Practice

If you are like me and many dental professionals, then you are a perfectionist by nature. In other words, many of us are driven to deliver 'perfect' results...

| 2 years ago

What is the Universal Dental Language?

Every day in our practices and with each one of our patients, our ability to communicate impacts our success immensely. Not only are we able to do what...

| 3 years ago