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Just the Basics Please, Part II: Restoring the Single Implant

In my last segment, I went through the basic parts and pieces of implants to give some insight into what is a mystery for many. As I mentioned in my last...

| 2 years ago

Treatment Planning 101: Part III

In Part I and Part II of this series, I discussed what research is showing us about periodontal disease; how it impacts the overall longevity of our patients'...

| 3 years ago

Treatment Planning 101: Part II

In the first article of this series, I began to discuss treatment planning and the importance of knowing how research can and should impact our treatment...

| 3 years ago

It’s Just a Temporary… Right?

Sometimes, we think of our temporaries or provisionals as just that – temporary. Poorly-fitted temporaries can lead to issues including food...

| 3 years ago

Quick Tip: Making Restorations Easier

In restorative dentistry we have often used 'tack' curing in the process of bonding indirect restorations in order to facilitate cleaning up resin cement...

| 3 years ago

Anterior Resin Restorations: Which Resin Do I Use?

In this series, I plan on taking you through a quick journey of choosing a composite resin for your restoration, including the steps in the process of...

| 4 years ago

I've just got to ask why

As a father, one of the most common questions I get from my two boys is 'Why?' Why this, why that, why me, why now —and the list goes on. Sometimes it's frustrating...

| 5 years ago