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Spear Digest


A Guide to Anterior Open Bites

Dr. Frank Spear discusses the causes of anterior open bites and how to diagnose them.

| 21 hours ago

Providing an Ethical Second Opinion

What are best practices when it comes to managing patients who come to you looking for a 'second opinion?'

| 4 days ago

Spear Proudly Announces Launch of Spear Curriculum

Spear is excited to announce the launch of Spear Curriculum, a tool designed to streamline intra-office learning.

| 5 days ago

9 Tips For Running a Successful Dental Practice

When it comes to running the best dental practice in town, what small, yet critical steps can you take to get there?

| 5 days ago

Dentin Adhesives for Direct Posterior Composite

In this article, Dr. Frank Spear explains how to eliminate sensitivity after placing direct composites.

| 6 days ago