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Spear Digest


Positioning Maxillary Central Incisal Edges

Dr. Frank Spear discusses best practices for determining and understanding maxillary central incisor position, particularly in cases of severe wear.

| 2 weeks ago

Evaluating Facial Esthetics: Lip Symmetry

Dr. Frank Spear explains the importance of lip symmetry in creating ideal facial esthetics and beautiful smiles.

| 3 weeks ago

Biologic Width Part I: Fundamental Concepts

Don't violate the biologic width. Learn more about this term, its significance to the clinician and what happens if you don't take it into consideration.

| 1 month ago

Orthodontic vs. Restorative: Correction of Mal-Aligned Anterior Teeth

Dr. Frank Spear discusses how a dentist can decide if orthodontics or restorative dentistry is best for a patient.

| 2 months ago

8 Steps for the Esthetic 'Emergency' Anterior Composite

Consistently incorporating these 8 simple steps will allow you to actually look forward to 'emergency' anterior composite...

| 2 months ago

Alter the Esthetic Appearance of Incisal Thirds in 6 Steps

These six steps will help you more easily increase the value or decrease the translucency in the incisal third.

| 2 months ago

Evaluating Facial Esthetics: The Esthetic Plane

Are you paying attention to the esthetic plane? If not, you could actually worsen some patients' esthetic appearance.

| 2 months ago

How to Fix Bridge Pontics that Don't Match the Value of the Abutments

Seven steps to problem solving esthetic dilemmas with provisional pontics.

| 3 months ago

How to Manage White Spot Lesions

Managing white spot lesions can be a challenge for dentists. Here are four considerations for a successful prevention strategy.

| 4 months ago

Ankylosis Part II: Treating Adults With an Ankylosed Tooth

Learn treatment considerations for adults who present with an ankylosed tooth through these two dental cases.

| 7 months ago

Restoring Discolored Endodontically Treated Teeth: Case 2

Dr. Frank Spear discusses how treated a patient who presented with discolored endodontically treated central incisors with existing veneers.

| 8 months ago