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How a Camera and Sharpie Can Improve Dental Case Acceptance

Dr. Arezoo Bahar discusses how using a couple of simple tools helped her patient see the need for treatment.

| 1 year ago

Gummy Smiles: The Importance of a Correct Diagnosis

Figure 1 This young girl (Figure 1) was about to start college and expressed concerned about her smile. She did not like her teeth and...

| 2 years ago

Where Did My Teeth Go? Changes in Tooth Display as we Age

Aging causes more than just wrinkles and aches and pains – it also affects our smiles. I like to show patients the two slides below, to demonstrate...

| 2 years ago

What do Teeth Proportion and Hollywood Actors Have in Common?

You may think that an odd question. But when I sit down and talk to my patients about teeth proportion, I mention that teeth remind me of men and in...

| 2 years ago