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Cement Retained Implants and Management

While cement retained implants are widely popular, especially in the U.S., cement sepsis is one issue that is becoming increasingly clearer with cement retained implant restorations. Cement sepsis is caused when residual cement is left around the implant which results in … Read more

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Anterior Open Bites: Part IV

In this article, I would like to discuss the treatment options available for patients who have anterior open bites due to the relationship of their maxilla to mandible, but have stable joints – unlike the patient I described in the … Read more

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Treatment Planning 101: Part I

As our overall population ages and their desire to maintain their oral health increases, they present to our practices with more and more complex treatment needs and desires. With that, we are often times perplexed with many challenging tooth situations … Read more

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Anterior Open Bites: Part III

In Part I and Part II in this series, I discussed the possibilities of developing an anterior open bite from degenerative joint disease, as well as from the lateral pterygoid muscle releasing in a patient with a significant shift from … Read more

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