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Spear Digest


Browne Part 1

This patient presented in the office of Dr. Kevin Browne, one of our Spear Faculty Club mentors. The patient's chief complaint was that her previous...

| 7 years ago

Templates Improved

The ingenius treatment planning template created by Frank Spear many years ago has been added to. The template gives the restorative dentist a visual...

| 5 years ago

The Mystery of Tooth Preparation

Have you ever done a tooth preparation and then found despite having reduced the prescribed amount of structure, you don't have the proper amount of clearance...

| 5 years ago

Another Teaser

This 40-year-old Hispanic male came into my practice requesting that his teeth be restored. He knew they were chipping but wasn't sure why....

| 7 years ago

What's up with This?

These are pre-op images from a 10-year-old case of mine. I will give a free tube of expired impression material to anyone who can tell me how the laterals...

| 7 years ago

What Can We Learn?

I wander into The Winter Lab periodically to see what Bob Winter's incredible ceramists are doing and to see what I can learn. Specifically, I look at...

| 7 years ago

Oh, Shoot! Now What?

Okay, gang, need your help on this one. Implant uncovered and provisionalized, comes back a few weeks later and this is what we see. What...

| 7 years ago

Key Steps for Success When an Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block Fails

Statistically, you could see alveolar nerve block failure every other day. Here are some steps to take when it happens in your practice.

| 2 years ago

What might be the cause of the abscess?

Pictures of a new patient that came in for a restorative evaluation of the implant-retained crowns. What do you speculate might be the cause of the abscess?...

| 7 years ago

What Does Current Research Say About Pain-Free Injection Techniques?

The following is a review of available research on effective pain reducing tactics during local anesthesia injections. Some of these are commonly used...

| 4 years ago

How to Give a Painless Injection

What can you do to help ease one of the most unpleasant parts of dentistry? Here are some ideas.

| 1 year ago

Attack of the Collagen Eaters

The COLLAGEN EATERS have been released! When you prep a tooth, actually, when you create injury to any bodily tissue, some stuff called matrix metalloproteinases...

| 5 years ago