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Five Key Criteria for Sealant Success

We know that 80 percent of decay on young permanent teeth occurs in pit and fissure areas, and sealants have proven to be a very useful prevention tool. However, applying these sealants on permanent molars successfully is not always easy—especially … Read more

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Examining Patients With An Outside-In Approach

Well-defined systems within our offices, such as scheduling, financial arrangements and specialist referrals promote predictable flow and consistency.  However, what about the systems within the systems? These are essentially our mini-systems. Probably the most important mini-system in our office is … Read more

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How to Manage Dental Literature

What do you read? Who do you trust? What journals should I subscribe to? I get asked these questions all the time. It’s fairly common for many of the publications that arrive at your office without a subscription to feature … Read more

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