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Denture to Interim Hybrid Using the Ministar

Fixed hybrid prostheses were traditionally designed for mal-adaptive denture patients with significant alveolar bone loss in the mandibular arch.  This patient presented with structural concerns with the remaining maxillary dentition with a significant medical history. Practical communication is particularly helpful … Read more

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occlusal plane guide

The Occlusal Plane Guide

When communicating the desired tooth position to the dental technician for a diagnostic wax-up, the more accurate and detailed the information provided can be, the more accurate the diagnostic wax-up will be. Given that the diagnostic wax-up will be used … Read more

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dressing stones

Utilizing Dressing Stones

Dressing stones may be used to alter or customize the shape of a variety of finishing and polishing points that are used routinely in the lab and in clinical practice. The diamond coated dressing stone dedicated to this task generally … Read more

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open bite

Anterior Open Bites: Part IX

The easiest open bite to correct is one that was caused by tooth wear from erosion, not attrition or grinding, and where the anterior tooth position didn’t change with the tooth wear. These are also very uncommon patients, as normally … Read more

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