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Can a Reduction Coping Help?

Have you ever had to retake an impression because you did not create enough room for your lab technician? While it should be a rare occurrence, when it does happen, and sooner or later it will, it’s a huge inconvenience … Read more

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Those Pesky Mirrors

Using the mirrors necessary to gather intraoral images for Facially Generated Treatment Planning is, for most of us, the most difficult aspect of the photography. The buccal mirrors can be very difficult to position and hold, the occlusal mirrors are … Read more

206 days ago by 3 Comments


Tale of the Tape

[Editor’s Note: This topic keeps coming up on the Spear Review and is consistently one of the most popular.] One of my dental colleagues recently asked me about Teflon Tape and its use in adhesive dentistry. I’ve used it almost … Read more

217 days ago by 7 Comments


Reduction Versus Room

Have you ever received a call from your lab telling you that they need more room to complete a case ideally? While it’s a call we as restorative dentists never want to get, it is almost inevitable. However, over-reduction can … Read more

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