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Saving for the Future: Part I

This 8-year-old patient presented to my office in late October of 2005, having fallen from her bicycle earlier in the day. In addition to the small lacerations and contusions, #8 and #9 had sustained fractures that made their restorative prognosis … Read more

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why are these teeth loose

Why Are Those Teeth Loose?

If you remember your occlusion course from dental school, you probably remember being taught that contacts should be cusp tip to marginal ridge or cusp tip to transverse or oblique ridge. So what happens when that isn’t possible? If you … Read more

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Trust the Process

During a recent FGTP workshop I was talking to a participant about how much of an impact the routine use of Facially Generated Treatment Planning, a concept that I learned from Frank in 2001, changed my career. So many dentists … Read more

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