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open bite

Anterior Open Bites: Part IX

The easiest open bite to correct is one that was caused by tooth wear from erosion, not attrition or grinding, and where the anterior tooth position didn’t change with the tooth wear. These are also very uncommon patients, as normally … Read more

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lab putty

Understanding Lab Putty

Lab putty is the dental material’s version of baseball’s utility player. In the lab, it can be used for a variety of applications like restorative space analysis, as a matrix for provisional fabrication or as a guide for the fabrication … Read more

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Implants: How Cool is That?

I’ve been working on a case with my world-class ceramist, Matt Roberts, for the past month. It is a case that will require some pink porcelain or composite to get the esthetics correct. The patient previously had multiple grafting procedures … Read more

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