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Two Ways to Become a Standout Dentist

The majority of patients believe that most dentists are good—and they’re right. Dentistry as a whole has demonstrated consistently high standards. Most people, regardless of how they may feel about having a root canal, are confident that wherever they go … Read more

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A Competitive Advantage for Dentists

Think about all the things that are withdrawn from your account automatically each month: your cell phone payment, cable and Internet service, and so on. That discretionary money is gone before you even see it. Then there are the “one-click” … Read more

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Two Words That Always Capture Attention

There is a reason that advertisers have for generations been using the phrase “new and improved.” It’s a natural human instinct to be drawn toward things that are out of the ordinary. “New” captures people’s attention. “Improved” justifies their fascination. … Read more

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