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  • “I now present my findings to clients using the Spear approach, and my case acceptance has gone from 20-30% to 80-90% on large, major cases.”
    Dr. Andrew Arnouk, Laurel, MD
  • “Production has increased more than 30% since 2008. Last year I took off 12 weeks and at the same time had my best year for revenue.”
    Dr. Peter Virga, Spear client since 2008
  • “Spear has shown me that you can have a great life in Dentistry. I was looking for answers and they showed me what was possible.”
    Dr. JB White, Las Vegas, NV
  • “I love being a part of this study club. It's helped me develop a more logical and systematic way to approach difficult cases that could otherwise feel overwhelming. As a result, I'm seeing an increase in the acceptance of larger cases.”
    Dr. Tim Loving, Study Club Member
  • “I pick up so much from the online courses on matters of technique, and it's a great resource to have any time you need it.”
    Dr. Heather Adams, Bentonville, AR

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Spear Review Newest Articles

Spear Review provides insights & advice from the Spear Faculty


A Rapid Technique for Closing Screw Access Channels

Screw access channels are inherent to implant dentistry. I’d like to discuss a convenient technique for temporarily obturating these “chimneys.” There are a variety of materials that a restorative dentist can use to close off a screw access channel in … Read more

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Who Is On Your Advisory Board?

I was walking through the Spear Campus a while ago and ran into a client I have come to know well. “This must be at least the fourth time I have seen you here in the last several months,” I … Read more

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The ‘Outside-In’ Approach to the New Patient Exam

One of the biggest issues with the new patient exam is the amount of time it takes up. One of the goals is to gather all the data as efficiently as possible while allowing the patient to experience the dentist’s … Read more

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Don’t Let the People You Care About Become Invisible

I recently received a phone message from my sister that made me stop and think about the most important relationships in our lives. She was calling to tell me about how happy she was with where she was in her life right … Read more

2 days ago by 1 Comment

Managing Patients With Multiple Bites

Have you ever had a patient ask you which one of their bites you want when you ask them to close? If so, you know that if there is any restorative work needed, you’re in for some challenges managing their … Read more

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The ‘Third Skill’ of Today’s Successful Dentist

About 30 years ago I owned a company in Canada that computerized dental offices. This was at a time when about 90 percent of the practices weren’t computerized at all; we were among the first to introduce chairside workstations for … Read more

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