Restorative Design

22.50 CE Credits | $5,795



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Course Objectives

Tooth preparation is the foundation of what we do as restorative dentists. Crowns, minimal reduction veneers, conventional reduction veneers, extensive reduction veneers, veneerlays, onlays, inlays – the design is dictated by the requirements of the material selected and the outcome desired. This workshop provides opportunity to explore, understand and practice delivering on both of those requirements.

Material requirements provide the guide for creating space, and will be discussed in detail. A step-by-step system of tooth reduction using specially designed diamonds created by Dr. Robert Winter will increase your competence, your confidence, and your efficiency for all of the materials you choose to work with. This is a very “hands-on” workshop in which we discuss the concepts AND do the preps. Bring your magnification and take advantage of seeing more with higher power surgical loupes and a microscope bench available for you to try in the exercises. With 28 teeth to practice on, you will return home ready to immediately implement the skills you gained.

Workshop Type:

3-Day Lecture/Hands-On

Participants Will Learn:

  • To create the preparation that will give you an ideal outcome in the restoration
  • How to use a system of preparation that increases efficiency and accuracy
  • To LOVE what you see on the CAD/CAM screen or in your impression
  • To be fluent in the language of materials so you can talk with your technicians about the best material for each restorative application
  • To look forward to seating restorations because they FIT really well!

Topics and Exercises:

  • Preparation design in the 21st century
  • Magnification as a tool in perfecting margins
  • Instrumentation that guides successful reduction
  • Full-coverage preparations
  • Partial-coverage anterior preparations
  • Partial-coverage posterior restorations
  • Anterior ceramic materials
  • Diagnosing and planning for material success
  • Clinical case discussions and examples
  • Preps – LOTS of preps

Restorative Design

22.50 CE Credits| Cost $5,795

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