Occlusion in Clinical Practice

22.75 CE Credits | $5,795



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Course Objectives

When and how your patient’s teeth meet each other can define or destroy your success. Understanding how to create that success and avoid destruction begins with an excellent history followed by the examination of the muscles, joints and teeth. When required, mounting casts with a facebow and diagnostic bite records takes your observations into three dimensions and into your hands for detailed analysis and planning. Mastering the use of the deprogrammer and the anterior bite plane expands and enhances your diagnostic capabilities. Finally, designing the occlusion to address the findings observed brings the concepts to reality and prepares you to take it to the mouth. All of these are brought together in this workshop through exercises and discussions. These are supplemented by discussions on what appliance to use and when and how to help your patients see and experience what you see.

Workshop Type:

3-Day Lecture/Hands-On


Facially Generated Treatment Planning

Participants Will Learn:

  • How to add depth in observation and understanding (initiated in Facially Generated Treatment Planning) to your clinical examination of joints, muscles and teeth
  • How to relate the maxillary arch to the patient’s hinge axis by gathering a facebow whenever you need to mount diagnostic or working casts
  • How to take bite records with confidence and efficiency
  • To be proficient in the use of the leaf gauge, the Lucia jig, and the anterior bite plane appliance
  • To mount casts with confidence in their accuracy, mimicking what your patient presents with
  • To complete trial equilibration on diagnostic casts as a planning tool
  • How to take equilibration techniques to the mouth
  • How to differentiate records for analysis and diagnostics from those for restorative procedures

Topics and Exercises:

  • The examination continued; joint sounds clarified
  • Facebows and bite records
  • Mounting casts accurately
  • Fabricating the anterior bite plane appliance
  • Customizing the articulator settings for your patient
  • Choosing the appropriate appliance for your patient
  • Evaluating occlusion on mounted casts
  • Occlusal design and planning on mounted casts through trial equilibration

Occlusion in Clinical Practice

22.75 CE Credits| Cost $5,795

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