Airway Prosthodontics – Prevent, Control, Resolve New Course

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Course Objectives

Before the Facially Generated Treatment Planning process can begin, foundational problems must be uncovered and resolved: periodontal disease, caries, and muscle/joint health. The list of keystone issues now includes airway. This course is designed to help you discover patients in your practice – from pediatric to elderly – with varying degrees of airway compromise based on dental signs and symptoms and learn to control many of their complaints without using medical sleep appliances. This course culminates in developing interdisciplinary resolution strategies for complex cases that blend seamlessly with FGTP in an attempt to resolve the compromised airway while producing exceptional dentistry.

This workshop is paperless. Eliminating paper helps the environment and provides you with a permanent digital resource, including linked videos and other learning tools. You will need to bring a laptop computer and download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Workshop Type:

3-Day Lecture/Hands-On/Paperless

Participants Will Learn:

  • How to conduct a comprehensive airway examination on adults and children within the confines of their traditional assessment
  • Why the top 10 dental problems found in a restorative practice could be the signs and symptoms of airway restriction
  • How to utilize the power of screening tools to demonstrate the problem, insure resolution, and promote health-based dental solutions in a restorative dental practice
  • How to differentiate between hypersensitive and diseased airways and their unique treatment approaches
  • How to recognize ideal craniofacial growth and development and epigenetic alterations from the norm
  • How to recognize the impact of mouth breathing on occlusion, inflammation, and chronic stress and learn the value of myofunctional therapy in resolving airway mechanics
  • When and how to refer to the medical community and ENT surgical strategies beyond tonsils and adenoids
  • The Seattle Protocol: a staff-directed, systematic approach of customizing a plan to control a patients' airway through appliance and nasal breathing therapy
  • How to treatment plan airway resolution as an integral part of a functionally generated dental treatment plan

Topics and Exercises:

  • Pertinent questions to be included in a new patient experience and a review of the important details found in the answers
  • Adult and pediatric airway examination
  • Utilize home screening devices (high-resolution pulse oximeter and cardiopulmonary coupling) and review the results
  • Techniques to promote nasal breathing and reduce sympathetic activity
  • Myofunctional therapy exercises for improving tone, lip incompetence, and ankyloglossia
  • Seattle Protocol: participants will complete each phase of the six-step protocol
  • Decision tree exercises for creating medical-dental resolution strategies within the EFSB concept

Airway Prosthodontics – Prevent, Control, Resolve

22.50 CE Credits| Cost $5,795

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