Sleep Medicine in the Dental Practice

19.00 CE Credits | $4,295



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Course Objectives

Sleep Medicine in the Dental Practice provides knowledge and understanding of sleep physiology and the life-threatening consequences of sleep-disordered breathing. It also addresses strategies for screening and treating sleep disorder patients within your dental practice with oral appliances.

Screening for at-risk patients, confirming the observations with a diagnosis in conjunction with the sleep physician, and application of oral appliance therapy is an easy and natural addition for almost every dental practice. What is not so natural or easy is incorporating a therapeutic service that is delivered using the medical model into a dental practice. The medical model is a different design with a different paradigm, and it can be a challenging undertaking without proper coaching and assistance.

Whether you are seeking a new intellectual challenge, wish to help your dental patients by screening for risks, or are looking to add to the therapies you provide, dental sleep medicine is one of the most unique, interesting and impactful opportunities in dentistry today.

Workshop Type:

2.5-Day Lecture

Participants Will Learn:

  • To screen patients for sleep disorders as a regular part of an examination
  • How to build an interdisciplinary relationship with the sleep physician
  • To recognize types and applications of oral appliances used for sleep disorders
  • To decide when, how and if sleep dentistry should become part of your practice
  • How to implement the medical reporting model for sleep disorder patients

Topics and Exercises:

  • Examining for sleep disordered breathing
  • Evaluation of a home sleep test
  • Insertion and adjustment of an oral appliance
  • Fabricating a temporary appliance
  • Each participant will have an opportunity to take a home sleep test one night

Sleep Medicine in the Dental Practice

19.00 CE Credits| Cost $4,295

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