Worn Dentition

22.50 CE Credits | $7,000



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Course Objectives

Fear is what most dentists experience when asked to treat the patient with worn teeth. This workshop is designed to help you enjoy increased predictability and longevity in your dentistry by basing treatment decisions on how the patient created the wear, and reducing the energy in the system through occlusal design. The workshop focuses on diagnosis, etiology, and an understanding of the principles that increase longevity of restorations for wear patients. Discussions and demonstrations are blended with hands-on exercises that allow participants to ground learning in doing by “treating” two wear patients on mounted casts in the course.

Workshop Type:

3-Day Lecture/Hands-On


Facially Generated Treatment Planning; Occlusion in Clinical Practice

Participants Will Learn:

  • Why airway is an important part of the differential diagnosis in wear cases
  • To diagnose and treatment plan wear patients, including etiologies of wear, patterns of wear and determining when interdisciplinary treatment is required
  • To design the occlusion best suited to what a patient does with their teeth
  • To manage esthetic outcomes based on how tooth position, gingival levels and occlusion change as teeth wear
  • A thorough understanding of vertical dimension, and when and how to change it
  • Differences between multiple interdisciplinary treatment options
  • How to verify diagnosis and treatment plan through appliance therapy, direct composites and provisionals to optimize predictability
  • How to treatment plan occlusion that creates the greatest chance of success

Topics and Exercises:

  • Fabricating a composite “snap-on” mock-up
  • Fabricating an occlusal plane indicator
  • Creating an overlay provisional for a horizontal wear patient
  • Constructing an incisal guide table and using it to perform a diagnostic wax-up on a SAM III articulator
  • Fabricating provisional restorations for a vertical wear patient
  • Fabricating and inserting a shell provisional at the correct vertical dimension of occlusion
  • Creating protrusive and lateral group function in your occlusal design

Worn Dentition

22.50 CE Credits| Cost $7,000

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