Anterior Restorative Dentistry

22.50 CE Credits | $5,795



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Course Objectives

Building on the concepts and principles of Restorative Design, this workshop captures those in the restorative process by visualizing, planning and creating a treatment outcome. Utilizing two “patients” with teeth that must be changed to produce the plan created through Esthetics, Function, Structure and Biology (EFSB), the participant will explore and experience the steps and techniques that let you confidently go from concept to completion.

The systematic flow starts with your communication with the technician, a wax-up that captures your vision, guides that let you produce an accurate mock-up and guarantee adequate space for material, transfer of preparation information to the technician or the CAD/CAM operator, provisionalization, and finally, insertion of the final result with an appropriate cement or adhesive bonding material. Like Restorative Design, this workshop is highly hands-on with extensive demonstrations and hours of hands-on exercises.

Workshop Type:

3-Day Lecture/Hands-On


Facially Generated Treatment Planning; Restorative Design

Participants Will Learn:

  • How tooth position changes preparation design requirements
  • To capture those changes by using a mock-up technique to “reposition” teeth prior to preparation
  • Impression and scanning requirements to ensure adequate transfer of information to your technician or your CAD/CAM device
  • Creating, trimming, polishing and attaching exquisite provisionals
  • When to bond and when (and why) you can choose to cement
  • Bonding and cementation guidelines to reduce your stress levels while increasing your clinical success

Topics and Exercises:

  • Use the wax-up to create preparation guides that simplify tooth reduction by providing a view of the changes before teeth are reduced
  • Using preparation design to produce restorative repositioning of teeth
  • Adjusting the existing position of teeth to permit the fabrication of a mock-up
  • Create a mock-up mimicking the final position and form of teeth
  • Use the mock-up to prepare the mal-positioned teeth and create an ideal restoration
  • Closing diastemas
  • Direct and indirect provisional fabrication techniques
  • Shaping, finishing and polishing provisionals
  • Communication with the lab using photography and shade technology
  • Try-in, adjustment and final bonding or cementation of the restorations
  • Bonding and cementation – using silanators and resin bonding

Anterior Restorative Dentistry

22.50 CE Credits| Cost $5,795

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