Learning Module:

Angela - Restorative Solutions for Failed Implants

Learning Type

Problem-Based Case




Perio, Oral Surgery, Problem-Based, Lab

Angela is a 20 year-old healthy woman who is congenitally missing her lateral incisors. At the age of 18 she had implants placed in both lateral sites. One of the implants failed, the site grafted and another fixture placed. That fixture also failed.

The patient wanted a solution but refused any more surgery of any kind. This case was solved with a restorative solution alone, yet is still full of opportunities for discussion in both the surgical and orthodontic arenas. Dr. Kinzer goes through the entire case rationale for choosing the restorative solution that was finally used. The mechanics of his final solution are worthy for all disciplines to understand and discuss.

This case includes unmounted models.

Learning Objectives:

  • Restorative options for missing lateral incisors
  • Treating a compromised arch form
  • Treating a case when other treatment modalities failed


  • Dr. Gregg Kinzer

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