Learning Module:

The Evolution of FGTP: Airway Aware and Airway Directed Treatment Planning




Don’t confuse the idea of making sleep appliances with examining airway dysfunction and the impact it has on the stomatognathic system. Airway prosthodontics builds on Spear Education’s foundation of Facially Generated Treatment Planning (FGTP) treatment planning, which establishes the esthetics of the maxilla before moving to function, structure, and biology (EFSB). In 2016, Spear integrated airway into its treatment planning philosophy and in this module Dr. Jeff Rouse presents how it evolved, including Airway Aware and Airway Directed treatment planning.

Learning Objectives:

Explain the impact of airway on Facially Generated Treatment Planning (FGTP).
Develop a strategy based on Airway Aware and Airway Directed planning.
Identify how airway can be implemented in the dental practice.
Create a case presentation based on the airway, esthetics, function, structure, biology (AEFSB) system.

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