Learning Module:

The Language of Success: Creating a Vocabulary that Inspires Self-Leadership and Team Accountability

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Practice Development

One way dental practices differ from most other businesses is that the practice leader spends most of the day with patients, without direct oversight of many team activities. This makes it vital to establish a culture of self-leadership, where team members have an ingrained understanding of what it takes to be successful in their role. Shared accountability begins with a shared understanding of what the practice stands for and wants to achieve. In this module, Imtiaz Manji introduces several exercises that stimulate thinking on how to talk about the most fundamental and important areas of alignment for any practice team.

Learning Objectives:

• Define Great Dentistry in your practice from three perspectives.
• Create a glossary of life value words and definitions and put them in context.
• Draft a meaningful vision statement that draws from your new shared vocabulary.


Imtiaz Manji

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