Learning Module:

Managing the Unesthetic Single Tooth Implant: Restore, Retire or Remove

Learning Type

Problem-Based Case





The treatment of a single tooth implant in the esthetic zone is one of the most challenging tasks encountered in clinical practice because it involves the management of the hard tissue and soft tissue, as well as the replacement of the tooth. In this module, Dr. Gregg Kinzer discusses the different etiologies that can result in unesthetic implant restorations in the maxillary anterior, the factors that need to be evaluated to determine the proper course of treatment, as well as the different treatment options.

Learning Objectives:

  • Name common etiologies that can result in unesthetic implants.
  • Know how to evaluate for defect, implant and patient factors.
  • Describe different treatment options to help manage patients with unesthetic implants.


  • Dr. Greggory Kinzer

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