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Spear Digest


Feldspathic Vs. Pressable Ceramic Veneers

I often say there is no one size fits all solution in dental material selection. Of course there are certain materials that have multiple uses based...

| 5 years ago

The Top 10 Problems With Shade Selection

Poor lighting, mixed materials, old shade guides ... these are just some of the top issues dentists face with shade...

| 5 years ago

The first piece to the puzzle in shade taking: The Light

In my last blog we discussed the four pieces to the shade-taking puzzle. Let's take the first piece: The light. There are two aspects to this variable...

| 5 years ago

How Old is Your Shade Guide?

Most dentists receive or purchase their shade guides in dental school and continue to use them throughout their careers. How old is your shade guide?...

| 6 years ago