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Outcome-Based Preparation Design: Part IV

In this article we discuss three depths of anterior crown preparation to see which is best suited to accomplish the different esthetic goals of treatment.

| 10 months ago

Outcome-Based Preparation Design Anterior Teeth: Part III

Continuing with the 'Outcome-Based Preparation Design' series, this article explores how to determine the preparation design for anterior indirect veneer...

| 11 months ago

Why Is It So Difficult to Match a Single Central Incisor?

Dr. Bob Winter discusses the difficulties surrounding esthetics and the restoration of maxillary central incisors.

| 1 year ago

10 Factors That Will Influence Anterior Preparation Design, Part II

In Part 1 of this article, the five factors that have the greatest influence on anterior preparation design were discussed. It is now time to review...

| 1 year ago

The Infamous Single Central

Fabricating an indirect restoration for a single maxillary central incisor is the most challenging and frustrating treatment the dental team can provide...

| 2 years ago

Correction of Misaligned Teeth with Restorations

When a patient presents with misaligned teeth and is seeking a prosthetic answer to their clinical situation (instant orthodontics with no other structural,...

| 3 years ago

Understanding Reduction Copings

  The concept of a reduction coping is to create more space for the restoration after the laboratory receives the impression or cast of the prepared...

| 3 years ago

Assessing Occlusal Plane/Midline Cant Problems

At the time you try-in a patient's final restorations, if there is a cant to the occlusal plane or midline, you can follow these steps to assess or...

| 3 years ago

Achieving Natural Esthetics: Optical Properties, Part 1

It's an article worth a second look. World-class clinician Dr. Robert Winter delves into the science that creates the beauty of natural-looking anterior...

| 5 years ago