Top 5 Team/Training Meetings

Spear Online Team Meetings were born out of a need for dental professionals to align their teams around clinical and practice management concepts. A well-aligned and disciplined team ensures a more comfortable workplace, which ultimately leads to better patient care.

In looking at the Top 5 Team Meetings of 2020, the topics and themes appear to reflect the challenging times that everyone in dentistry faced through the COVID-19 pandemic. But this list of Team Meetings also reflects the sense of hope that we saw throughout our network of dentists, as more practice teams banded together to keep their communities healthy, support their independent businesses, and provide patients with the best possible care in spite of significant added obstacles.

For example, “Characteristics of an Ideal Team Player” by Dr. Ricardo Mitrani helps the entire office think through the characteristics of an exceptional team member, which helps to re-center the team and create a collaborative environment.

Then there are old favorites, like “Using the Initial Phone Call to Align Expectations” (by Dr. Frank Spear) and “Preventing Cancellations and No-Shows in Hygiene” (by Imtiaz Manji), both which emphasize the desire of dentists and their teams to revisit the fundamentals of Great Dentistry during the pandemic downtime. Even practices that weathered the COVID-19 crisis have seen that they cannot take any patient for granted, and many made intentional efforts to improve patient communication.

As we move into 2021, consider these Top 5 Team Meetings of 2020 to get your staff focused on the issues that matter most to your practice.

Characteristics of an Ideal Team Player

1) Characteristics of an Ideal Team Player

Presented by: Ricardo Mitrani, D.D.S., M.S.D.
Length: 12:02 minutes
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No modern dental practice can aspire to be successful without embracing the need to perform consistently as a team. This team meeting aims to review and discuss a simple method to evaluate each member of the practice as an ideal team player. Dr. Ricardo Mitrani explains an easy, objective, and unbiased assessment to understand the straightforward traits each team player should have for team success.

2) Ten Things to Say Differently in a Dental Office

Presented by: Mary Anne Salcetti, D.D.S.
Length: 17:31 minutes
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In our day-to-day practice, communication is a critical building block for a positive patient experience and successful treatment planning and facilitation — are you choosing your words wisely? In this team meeting, Dr. Mary Anne Salcetti lays out 10 things you may need to rephrase in order to speak with greater clarity and intention. Learn how to better communicate with patients about their overall experience, from costs to appointments to treatment. 

How to Jump Start Patient Education Videos

3) How to Jump–Start Patient Education Videos

Presented by: Ricardo Mitrani, D.D.S., M.S.D.
Length: 9:37 minutes
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Spear Online Patient Education videos are an amazing alternative and an incredible complement for optimizing patient communication. Designed to deliver clear, concise information about a patient's condition, or potential treatment, in layman's terms, the videos help drive the value of dentistry and increase case acceptance. But with almost 200 chairside and lobby videos to choose from, it makes practice implementation seem daunting. In this team meeting, Dr. Mitrani describes a seamless way to jump-start Patient Education videos to prove their value in the dental office.

4) Preventing Cancellations and No-Shows in Hygiene

Presented by: Imtiaz Manji
Length: 14:52 minutes
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In this team meeting, Imtiaz Manji discusses how to enhance patient commitment to their hygiene appointments. He outlines a five-point communication plan to enforce at each patient appointment to improve patient value and reduce the chances of last-minute cancellations and no-show patients. Three common questions are discussed and answered to help teams more effectively communicate the true value of the hygiene appointment to patients.

Using the Initial Phone Call to Align Expectations

5) Using the Initial Phone Call to Align Expectations

Presented by: Frank Spear, D.D.S., M.S.D.
Length: 9:49 minutes
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One of the most critical interactions we have with patients is the initial phone call. In this team meeting, Dr. Frank Spear discusses how to most effectively conduct this call to align patient expectations while providing the clinical team with valuable insight into any presenting issues.