Oral cancer screening involves a visual and physical exam of the oral cavity and connective tissues.

Spear Online members now have access to four new Patient Education videos to help enhance the patient experience.

First, two new lobby videos provide a visual understanding of an oral cancer screening, which emphasizes the  connection between oral and overall health, and how oral health can affect some common diseases and conditions.

In addition, two new chairside videos tackle the topics of immediate dentures and nasal breathing therapy.

Lobby videos can be streamed to practice monitors via Apple TV and Fire TV Stick. A new customization feature allows you to create your own lobby video playlists with your own practice information and branding.

Chairside videos can be shown on a tablet and easily emailed or text-messaged to patients, so they have instructions accessible on their mobile device. Or you can print custom handouts for them to take home. Spanish-language closed captioning is also available.

Find the new video resources by selecting the “Lobby” or “Chairside” tab of the Patient Education page. They are among nearly 200 videos that include overviews of conditions, procedures, home care tips, pre-op, and post-op instructions for your patients.

Included with membership to Spear Online, Patient Education videos empower patients to clearly visualize their conditions and feel like more active participants in the clinical co-discovery process, which enables you and your team to reduce friction from chairside discussions.

The four new Patient Education videos include:

  • Oral Cancer Screening: This lobby video promotes the benefits of getting an oral cancer screening to help avoid the serious consequences of oral and throat cancer.
  • The Oral and Overall Health Connection: This lobby video shows there are connections between oral health and certain diseases and conditions.
  • Immediate Dentures: This chairside video shows how temporary dentures replace teeth immediately following tooth extraction or dental implant surgery to provide temporary function for eating and speaking.
  • Nasal Breathing Therapy: This chairside video shows how a chronic mouth breather can learn how to breathe through their nose.