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Interdisciplinary teams faced with today’s reality of social distancing can now host virtual Spear Study Club meetings to collaborate and discuss the new realities facing their practices without being in the same room.

Spear’s virtualization of the intimate, small-group learning environment of Study Club allows periodontists, endodontists, surgical specialists and their interdisciplinary teams to connect and strengthen their clinical knowledge through video conferencing.

The shift to provide Study Club members with more virtual solutions came following recent COVID-19 pandemic announcements that have left many clinicians searching for answers as to how to maintain their referral networks and remain prepared to treat patients in the near future.

“Every day, we produce new ideas and content to improve Study Club, and now we’re happy to announce a new way to host meetings while enjoying a seamless virtual club experience,” Spear staff wrote to more than 8,000 study club members in more than 950 active clubs across the U.S. and other countries.

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Maintaining communication with study club members can provide clarity and focus through the coronavirus crisis and potential downturn. Study club advisors are working to identify the best content fits for teams to discuss in their online meetings and to ensure that club members understand how the optimize their technology.

Spear faculty members have stressed that ongoing interdisciplinary communication with study club members is essential to managing the financial impact of the crisis now, but also to form the bonds that lead to consistent case management once treatment restrictions are lifted and clinical operations return to normal.

“We’d like to encourage you to take an active role in partnership with your referring doctors’ offices to weather these trying times,” Dr. Martin Mendelson, Spear’s Executive Vice President of Client Success wrote to Spear Masters Program members in a recent announcement.

“Whether you are allowed to see patients or whether you are forced to close, there is an opportunity to reach out in partnership with your referring offices,” he emphasized.

Masters Program has also offered members with guidance on their virtual club meetings and through new COVID-19 focused practice management webinars, which specialist practices have been encouraged to share with their referring offices to address crisis-mode challenges.