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Do you know when to choose a direct composite over an indirect restoration to ensure the best chance of a predictable result?

Do you know the benefits of pre-wedging your posterior composites? Can you confidently protect the integrity of your restorations?

Spear’s new “Composites” e-book includes more than 70 pages of easy-to-follow clinical strategies from Drs. Frank Spear, Gary DeWood, Greggory Kinzer and other leading dental educators on issues like esthetic emergency anterior composites, the impact of the hygiene operatory on composite restorations and easy tips for removing resin.

Get clear visuals and simple steps to improve your everyday composites. In one of Dr. Frank Spear’s articles featured in the e-book, “Four Guidelines for Direct Resin,” he discusses the criteria that should be met in order to use a direct restoration.

“There can be confusion for clinicians when deciding if direct composite is the adequate solution to treat patients, or if doing an indirect restoration will ensure the best chances of a predictable result,” Dr. Spear said.

“Especially in higher risk posterior areas, when we think about direct versus indirect restorations, we want to pay very close attention to what the literature suggests will be a predictable result,” he added in the article, which is one of 17 in the e-book compilation.

Clinicians who read “Composites” will learn efficient methods for layering, finishing and polishing composites, allowing them to more confidently achieve real and lifelike results for the patient.