Side-by-side smiles from Dr. Bob Winter's new Spear Study Club module

In his latest Spear Study Club module, “Managing Patients with Apically Positioned Gingiva,” Dr. Robert Winter explains how to treat patients with gingival recession, with or without non-carious cervical lesions (NCCLs).

Typically, the gingival level on the maxillary anterior teeth is level to the occlusal plane. When patients present with the gingival margin positioned apical to the ideal level, it is essential to determine the etiology in order to develop the optimal treatment plan.

In the new module, Dr. Winter – one of the world’s most recognized prosthodontists and ceramists – highlights when to graft or restore, and when to do both.

Clinicians can establish proper and effective preventive programs that may help control the onset and progression of gingival recession with or without NCCLs, as well as avoid complex patient consequences that could develop later.

According to some industry estimates, gingival recession affects more than 78% of middle-aged Americans.

When a clinical situation presents apically positioned gingiva, having an interdisciplinary approach to treatment sequencing leads to a more predictable outcome.

This module will leave study club members more confident in their ability to:

  • Create treatment plans for patients with apically positioned gingiva
  • Explain treatment options for gingival recession and non-carious cervical lesions
  • Employ improved communication skills among interdisciplinary team members