Dr. Laura Comeau thrives in helping children, adults and seniors achieve optimal dental hygiene and health.

She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Kansas in 2002, and then earned her D.D.S. degree in 2006 at the University of Colorado Health Science Center. Dr. Comeau learned cutting-edge dental techniques from some of the top professors in the field.

To begin her dental career, Dr. Comeau returned to her hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico. She keeps up to date on the latest materials and techniques with regular courses in continuing education, including taking industry-leading seminars and workshops at the Spear Campus in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Inspiration from Study Club

A fellow doctor referred Dr. Comeau to Spear, encouraging her to join a Spear Study Club in her community. She immediately recognized the special sense of camaraderie that permeated the club.

“At every meeting, we collaborate on actual cases and I’m amazed at the perspective and expertise other club members bring,” said Dr. Comeau, whose full-service, general dentistry practice prides itself on compassionate patient care.

Having a trusted peer network in Santa Fe allowed Dr. Comeau to broaden her clinical reach and ultimately treat more high-value cases.

The small-group dynamic of Study Club provides doctors and members of interdisciplinary teams with prescribed clinical content to shape productive referral relationships. Clubs total 8-10 members, providing a more intimate setting than many traditional study clubs.

Members collaborate on real-world cases in a hands-on atmosphere supported by curriculum and online learning modules developed by Spear Resident Faculty, helping form the bonds that lead to consistently successful case management.

“The greatest benefit of being part of a study club is being inspired by cases presented at each meeting. Collaborating on these cases has increased my confidence to treat larger cases,” she said. “Now, my eyes are open to all treatment possibilities.”

Fostering Study Club Unity at the Spear Campus

Dr. Comeau attended her first seminar at the Spear Campus in Scottsdale, Arizona with her study club.

Together, the club members experienced Spear’s state-of-the-art facility, where they mastered new proficiencies and made professional contacts with other doctors in the Spear network.

Like many doctors who experience a two-day Spear Seminar, Dr. Comeau said she felt energized and motivated to return to her practice with a firm plan on improving her clinical approach.

“For the first time, I realized it was possible to have fun while practicing dentistry, and I was immediately hooked,” Dr. Comeau said. “Being surrounded by a network of doctors committed to pursuing Great Dentistry is inspiring.”

“The seminar content gave us clear steps for systematic treatment planning and achieving results in our practices,” she added. “I plan on attending another campus event with my study club later this year.”

Faculty Club Shapes Leadership in Dentistry

Pleased with the value she received from her study club experience, Dr. Comeau felt compelled to share her journey with other doctors who were also committed to learning, professional growth and providing the best patient care.

She joined Spear Faculty Club, a community of doctors she characterized as “committed to the same cause — Great Dentistry.”

Faculty Club membership includes two CE-eligible Spear Seminars and an audit of a previously attended session each year.

“The ability to visit campus frequently is invaluable,” Dr. Comeau said. “I’ve found myself retaking courses to polish my knowledge and skillset.”

Dr. Comeau's dedicated Faculty Club advisor has been an integral piece of her experience, serving as a supportive “personal Spear concierge” and helping her implement resources like Spear Online Patient Education videos, which are accessible on a chairside tablet app and lobby videos that stream to the monitors with an Apple TV or an Amazon Fire TV Stick.