Michael Gunson

Spear has announced the addition of world-renowned oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Michael Gunson to Resident Faculty.

Dr. Gunson will be part of the “Interdisciplinary Management of Esthetic Dilemmas” seminar, the next session of which is scheduled May 30-31 at the Spear Campus in Scottsdale, Arizona, and will also develop educational content for Spear’s online learning platform.

Based in Santa Barbara, California, Dr. Gunson's private practice is recognized as one of the leading facial reconstruction practices in the world. He has lectured and published research on the surgical correction of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, the three-dimensional airway changes associated with surgical correction, the medical treatment of mandibular condylar resorption and the quantification of beauty.

With his specialization in orthognathic surgery, Dr. Gunson adds a unique perspective to “Esthetic Dilemmas” – a core Spear Seminar in which he joins Drs. Greggory Kinzer and Rebecca Bockow.

In “Esthetic Dilemmas,” doctors develop the clinical skills necessary to confidently make diagnoses in complex esthetic cases, enhancing their ability to accurately treatment plan and communicate recommendations to patients who present with a vision for their ideal smile.

“Dr. Gunson is one of the top orthognathic surgeons in the country, so his focus has always been on that piece, but he understands the airway piece and facial esthetics piece,” said Dr. Kinzer, who added that bringing an oral and maxillofacial surgeon into the seminar was an essential step in providing attendees with the most comprehensive interdisciplinary lessons possible.

Dr. Gunson co-instructed an “Esthetic Dilemmas” seminar earlier this year, which Dr. Kinzer said led to some of the best reviews ever for a first-time faculty, adding to the positive reviews attendees have provided for Dr. Bockow since she joined Spear Resident Faculty late last year.

“(Dr. Gunson) makes complex concepts relatable to clinicians of all skill levels, and he’s really funny,” Dr. Kinzer said. “He’s got a great sense of humor that really draws you in. He’s really an impactful person from the stage.”

In Santa Barbara, Dr. Gunson and Dr. G. William Arnett limit the scope of their practice to facial esthetics and reconstruction. Both doctors have lengthy experience performing, innovating and teaching orthognathic surgery, and have treated patients from around the world for more than 40 years, according to their practice website.

In “Esthetic Dilemmas,” Dr. Gunson and the other instructors share a collective focus on educating doctors of all clinical skill levels to generate greater patient satisfaction on esthetics cases, which can be some of the most compelling cases for clinicians to handle.

“He addresses the ‘lip seal’ for the airway,” Dr. Kinzer added. “He really thinks about it from an occlusion perspective, from a joint perspective, from an airway perspective. It’s pretty unique to find an educator that can put all those pieces together.”

The seminar equips doctors with strategies to shed their uncertainty about how to communicate with skeptical or hesitant patients, including how to present esthetic treatment options in terms the average person can understand.

“Esthetic Dilemmas” helps doctors gain the confidence to accurately diagnose and treatment plan for often-lucrative esthetic cases, enhancing the quality and quantity of the care they can provide as part of a successful interdisciplinary team.