Booking your continuing education for 2019?

Spear has released its updated course catalog, which highlights available campus learning options. To search by clinical issue or explore a list of Spear’s offerings, download the updated catalog or visit the seminar and workshop pages for specific details on each session as you plan your CE.

dental education courses 2019

Upcoming two-day seminars include:   

Treating the Terminal Dentition and the Fully Edentulous Patient
(Spear Campus in Scottsdale, Arizona)

Dr. Darin Dichter, who teaches the course with fellow Resident Faculty member Dr. Ricardo Mitrani, said the seminar introduces doctors to essential treatment options and a litany of alternatives, providing strategies that crystallize the treatment planning process for such complex cases, so the doctor can avoid feeling directed by a technician or surgeon.

“What we try to do fundamentally with our teaching is to get clinicians to think critically about what they’re looking at and hearing, and come up with their own solution to the case,” said Dichter, an expert in advanced prosthodontics who maintains a private practice at the Spear Campus.

Treating the Worn Dentition
(Spear Campus and Boston)

Dr. Jeff Rouse was recently announced as an instructor, which joins the perspective of an airway prosthodontics pioneer with the expert restorative/esthetic teachings of fellow Resident Faculty instructors Drs. Frank Spear and Greggory Kinzer.

“This seminar shows you how to think through the sequencing of the cases,” Rouse said of the popular seminar, which will also be hosted in Boston.

“You’ll understand how to develop the right plan structurally, occlusally and esthetically so you can do these types of cases. It takes big cases and turns them into something manageable,” he said.  

The Art of Treatment Planning and Case Presentation
(Spear Campus and Orlando, Florida)

Attendees learn strategies for the common “wait-and-see” type cases to consider all treatment options and follow a system, using a decision tree, to generate more consistently predictable patient outcomes. East Coast doctors can consider attending a session in Orlando. 

Upcoming hands-on, three-day workshops include:  

TMD — Joints, Muscles, Occlusion and Posture
(Spear Campus)

Led by Resident Faculty member Dr. Gary DeWood, the workshop teaches strategies that are invaluable to restorative dentists, giving you steps to optimize diagnostic imaging and provide relief to patients with precise use of appliances and physical therapy. Dr. DeWood teaches the course with experts in TMD and physical therapy.

Excellence in Composite Restorations
(Spear Campus)  

Drs. Kinzer and Dichter are joined by ceramics expert and fellow Resident Faculty member Dr. Robert Winter on this workshop, which explores the myriad of composite materials available today and provides doctors with the confidence to take on challenging anterior restorations.  

Restoring the Edentulous Arch
(Spear Campus)

Dr. Dichter and fellow Resident Faculty member Dr. Doug Benting focus the workshop as a hands-on exploration of the options for restoring the edentulous arch and developing the confidence to handle restorative processes.