Spear has released a new Study Club module breaking down a streamlined, interdisciplinary approach to traumatic dental injuries. 

traumatic dental root fractures

In "Dental Traumatology - An Interdisciplinary Approach," Dr. Lou Berman discusses the various clinical and radiographic presentations of horizontal root fractures and avulsions secondary to a traumatic dental injury. Study Club members will learn how to optimize the long-term success of teeth with horizontal root fractures and avulsions.

This module places an emphasis on interdisciplinary treatment of such injuries with the goal of better diagnosing the presence and associated issues concerning horizontal root fractures and avulsions, in addition to determining the prognosis and clinically managing the tooth.

After completing this module, Study Club team members will be more confident in their ability to:

  • Clinically diagnose and treat horizontal root fractures
  • Clinically diagnose, treat and manage avulsions
  • Assess traumatic dental injuries