A thirst for growth and knowledge is the driving force behind any dental professional's long-term success. For Dr. Joseph Kim, an oral maxillofacial surgeon in Silicon Valley, that thirst for growth led him to start a Spear Study Club.

dental study club

“For me, life is about growing,” Dr. Kim said. “I know every case is different, but it can get monotonous. My goal is to grow and change every day, and I feel like Spear is totally committed to that growth, in terms of dentistry and in terms of a human being.”

Dr. Kim started two Spear Study Clubs in 2009 and has since seen tangible, measurable change in his practice and referral relationships. He said that in the past nine years, his office has seen about a 60 percent increase in revenue and greater rates of case acceptance. He credits some of this change to the higher quality of referral relationships that have come about since starting his clubs.

“Spear Study Clubs have given me the opportunity to strengthen my relationships personally and professionally with all of my referrals,” Dr. Kim said. “It gives us so many opportunities to learn current, cutting-edge dentistry that we might not otherwise have access to … so the quality of the cases is so much higher in my doctors who are in my Study Club versus those who are not.”

Aside from the support system and knowledge base that participation in a Spear Study Club inherently provides each individual doctor, Dr. Kim pointed out that the one who ultimately benefits is the patient. Spear’s arsenal of knowledge shapes doctors into better practitioners and referrers to prepare them for more complex cases, better patient relationships and, ultimately, more case acceptance and success.

Dr. Kim says that his Study Club has positively impacted his patient base in many ways, from the quality of the patients coming into his practice to the patients’ understanding of their conditions and treatment options.

“The patients arrive in my office already educated (by my referring doctors), so I don’t have to do so much work with my implant treatment coordinator or any of my team to educate the patient,” Dr. Kim said. “Spear-trained study club members have influenced and made my life as a specialist so much easier. And therefore, who benefits? The patient! … So, the ease of it in every way has tremendously affected case acceptance and the types of case I’m doing. It’s been phenomenal.”

If you’ve been thinking about leading a club but haven’t made the jump yet, Dr. Kim said there’s only one thing that should stop you from doing it.

“If you’re afraid of growth in yourself and your practice, don’t do it,” he joked. “Because if you bring in Spear, it will happen to you.”

For those who are ready to experience measurable, long-term growth, a Spear Study Club is an all-in-one tool to improve your skills, your practice, your relationships and your patient satisfaction.

“If you’re looking to grow yourself as a human being and also grow your practice, start a club,” Dr. Kim urged. “You surround yourself with like-minded people. It’s not even about how many members you have - it’s about the quality of the people. If you have even five amazing, quality-driven, like-minded people together, you can literally move mountains.”

To learn more about Spear Study Clubs and how you can become a leader, contact your Spear advisor or visit https://www.speareducation.com/study-club/lead-a-club.