Spear has released a free downloadable tool for doctors and their teams to utilize while evaluating a patient's esthetic condition. There are many factors and nuances that can make a full esthetic evaluation challenging, and this checklist is designed to streamline the process of diagnosing a patient's full condition in order to successfully plan comprehensive treatment. 

dental esthetic analysis checklist

Esthetic analysis is the foundation of the Spear approach to systematic treatment planning and a core pillar of the EFSB (esthetics, function, structure, biology) model of evaluating a patient's overall condition. The key to successful and comprehensive treatment planning is to carefully adhere to the proper sequence of the planning process and the order in which various elements are organized.

This checklist is designed to help doctors achieve a linear and systematic approach to treatment planning and adapt that plan to a variety of factors that impact the patient's condition, such as more acute problems and interdisciplinary therapy. 

Doctors can use the checklist to properly evaluate and plan incisal edges, gingival levels and occlusal relationships in a simple, systematic progression. It is highly recommended that doctors share this checklist with their team and keep it posted somewhere easily accessible in the practice. 

To download the checklist for free, click the button in the box below. To read more about esthetic treatment planning and evaluation, check out more of our Spear Digest articles on esthetics



Commenter's Profile Image Carl S.
October 4th, 2018
Is this different to what is taught in FGTP? Carl