Many dentists and their team members are concerned about the future. Whether worried about increased competition, corporate dentistry, insurance participation or any and all economic configurations, the question most often asked is:

Can we continue to not only survive, but be successful?

This workshop’s answer was simple but oh so difficult to implement! If you want to thrive in a challenging environment, then the solution is to focus on your customers.

satisfied dental patient

Completely satisfied customers are - to a surprising degree - much more loyal than “satisfied” customers. They will ONLY remain rock-solid if they are completely satisfied.

‘Satisfied’ patients will leave if they feel there is a viable choice between dentists.

When you think about brands like Disney and Ritz-Carlton, their success comes from creating a service culture and experience that is designed to completely satisfy. Where to start?

  • Create a customer service vision statement/credo that includes the quality of your service and outcomes, how each team member interacts with your patients and why they WANT to go above and beyond.
  • Once you have the vision … walk your talk! Create the “systems beyond the smiles,” as per the Ritz Carlton’s Gold Standards. The heart is the only place service comes from. How are you going to engage and empower your team to engage your patient’s hearts? This has to include anticipation and fulfillment of your patients’ needs and desires.
  • With an “Employee Promise,” engage and empower your team! Follow the Ritz promise, “By applying the principles of trust, honesty, respect, integrity and commitment, we nurture and maximize talent to the benefit of each individual and the company.”

If you can’t honestly say that, if asked, your patients (or your team) can’t imagine a world without you, then focusing on upping your service culture has to be your answer!

Amy Morgan, Pride Institute CEO and Spear Resident Faculty



Commenter's Profile Image Carl S.
September 23rd, 2018
Great Article Amy. Getting our office culture up to speed is what allowed our patients to trust us to do the dentistry for them. I was in South Carolina yesterday doing a two day program for a multi doctor office. The first morning focused on this topic.. I didn't see foreheads or cell phones. At lunch I had many questions and thanks from the team. This is what sets you apart....not "perfect" margins on your restoration. Yes it is important to do beautiful dentistry but people react to the respect and great experience. Carl