Do you feel connected to your current circle of referrers?

Are your referral relationships providing successful outcomes for your patients?

dental specialist referral relationships

Do you feel like you’re on the right track to reaching your financial and case acceptance goals?

If you’re having a hard time answering any of the questions above, know that many specialists have been in your position – and the common thread behind their present-day success is Spear Masters Program.

With over 800 interdisciplinary study clubs around the world, we have found that that a successful practice is a product of connected doctors providing quality clinical treatment to patients who are well-informed. Three years ago, we began with a pilot group of leading specialists to see if we could find the common threads that linked these successful clinicians. From that research, the Masters Program was born with a clear goal in mind: elevating specialists to their highest level and giving them the tools and guidance they need to optimize their practice, achieve their highest goals and build strong relationships with referrers. The practice success you dream of is possible – but what does that success specifically look like?

Stronger referral relationships for your strongest practice

One goal of Masters Program is to strengthen pre-existing referral relationships so they’re operating at their highest capacity, while also laying a solid foundation on which to build brand new ones.

“(Masters Program) refocused me and forced me to think about the things that are instrumental in growing referral relationships and growing the practice,” said Dr. Mark Sutor, a periodontist based out of Bloomington, Indiana. “Then it provided the tools to make it simple to take action right away.”

Dr. Jay Platt, an oral surgeon based in Schererville, Indiana, echoed Sutor's sentiments, saying, “Every strategy they outline for developing productive relationships with referrers comes with useful implementation tools. The program is basically a blueprint for success for specialists.”

One of the most significant things Masters Program provides is its ability to help the team take an active and systematic role in building strong referral relationships. By empowering the team, all the work of developing and maintaining strong referral relationships does not fall solely on the doctor. This allows the specialist to be more efficient with their time in and outside of the operatory.  

“There is now a greater level of trust that has developed with the practices who send their patients to us, to the point where many of them who were referring only occasionally are now working exclusively with us,” said Montreal-based periodontist Dr. Sabrina Mancini. “That is the kind of change that is going to have an ongoing impact on our practice for years down the road.”

Mancini said that, since starting with Masters Program, she is not only getting a higher number of referrals, but higher quality referrals due to much stronger connections with referring practices.

“The systems really work, and the idea of bringing in a role to take ownership of managing the relationships with referrers was a real game-changer,” Dr. Joan Greco, an oral surgeon from Hilo, Hawaii, shared. “I was actually starting to think of retirement, but this program re-invigorated me.”

Aside from establishing a strong connection through the team, Masters Program empowers specialists to take ownership of the referral process, even when there’s a learning curve.

“The practice of Referrer A is going to be different than the practice of Referrer B – a different mindset, a different culture – and if you are going to be successful, you have to meet them on their own terms,” said Sutor. “The way we look at, if we get a ‘problem’ referral who comes to us unprepared or misinformed, that’s on us. We need to look at what we have to do better with that referring practice.”

Greco agreed, saying, “I think as a leader in the dental community, you owe it to your referring doctors to be the best you can be, and to help them be the best they can be, so we can provide the best experience for their patients.”

So what’s the bottom line when it comes to Masters Program’s impact on referral relationships?

“To be successful as a specialist in the future, you are going to have to have a solid, loyal community of referrers,”’ said Sutor. “The Spear Masters Program, in my opinion, is a ‘must’ for any specialist who wants to conquer the challenges ahead.”

When you join Masters Program, referral relationships are just one of many aspects of your practice in which you can expect tremendous, tangible growth. We’ll let the numbers speak for themselves.

Tremendous revenue growth, exceptional case acceptance for the entire interdisciplinary team

It’s simple: If you’re an endodontist or surgical specialist whose goal is to dramatically increase your revenue (and who doesn’t have this goal?), Masters Program is a must. Our doctors have seen outstanding annual revenue growth since beginning the program – and most have seen unbelievable results in as little as a month.

Colorado Springs periodontist Dr. Jeanne Salcetti’s growth was so extraordinary, in fact, that she not only reached her goals quickly, but far surpassed them.

“I was able to consistently double  my monthly production in less than a year  – and that was working just 13 and a half days!” she said. “I have been consistently exceeding my goals every month, which I thought were high, and now it’s time for me to raise the bar again.”

Greco shared a similar story of success, saying, “We have tripled the gross income we bring in on most days.”

Production in general has also tremendously increased for specialists in the program, with Mancini seeing a production growth of 30 percent – even with her taking more time off than before.

For Platt, production that was already high as a result of his Spear Study Club retained strength and had an even more significant impact after he joined Masters Program.

“Since starting my Spear Study Club in 2009, my production has increased 44 percent,” he said. “And now, after my involvement with the specialist Masters Program, and working on optimizing the strategies presented there, I am seeing even greater improvements. For instance, I have seen an increase of about 150 implant cases alone.”

The results from Masters Program are quick to arrive and very long to stay, and positive change and growth can be expected very soon after starting.

“This last month was really the first full month since we have implemented our plans coming out of the last Masters Program workshop, and it was easily our best month of the year,” said Sutor. “

The tangible results don’t stop at revenue – Masters Program also offers the tools necessary to significantly increase case acceptance, referral relationship success and overall patient satisfaction with treatment.

“Having a team member going into practices and educating their teams on things like implant procedures makes a big difference when it comes to converting a patient exam into a confirmed appointment,” said Platt. “The patients arrive with a greater understanding of why they are here.”

This is the incredible part of the program. Everyone wins - patients who are better educated move forward with more comprehensive care (thus, improving their outcomes) and referring doctors experience major practice growth as a result. Then, as the patient goes through the treatment process, the specialist and the general practitioner collaborate on a deeper level, helping both offices provide a higher level of care. Doing this becomes a phenomenal practice builder for all clinicians. 

The strength and efficiency of referral relationships coming from Masters Program is unparalleled.

“I have been getting great feedback from the referring doctors,” said Dr. Laura Cardenas, a Washington-based periodontist. “And it’s not just talk – they are backing it up with their actions.”

If you’re ready to take your practice to entirely new heights and achieve your greatest goals, call your advisor or visit to learn how you can start your Masters Program journey now.