Spear has released a new course on the uses of cardiopulmonary coupling technology for airway screening. 

airway dysfunction screening and diagnosis tools

In this course, Dr. Jeff Rouse discusses the use of cardiopulmonary coupling technology (CPC) for airway dysfunction screening. CPC is a proactive way to identify sleep breathing disorders in sympathetic patients (e.g. children and TMD patients), and offers the benefit of being used in the comfort of the patient's home. Dr. Rouse explains CPC terminology, how to read reports and how to spot data patterns.

After completing this course, clinicians will be able to:

  • Confidently speak with patients about results
  • Understand how CPC reports can aid treatment decisions
  • Understand how CPC promotes overall health
  • Understand the parasympathetic/sympathetic nature of sleep
  • Develop a screening protocol for airway patients
  • Analyze patterns of CPC data