Here at Spear, we’re always excited by opportunities to engage in conversation and create meaningful connections with dental professionals across the nation. As we’ve continued to build relationships with dental podcasters, our faculty has frequently appeared on their shows to discuss a plethora of dental topics, from practice management to career tips to clinical problem-solving.

Within the past couple of weeks alone, Spear faculty has appeared on three different podcasts to discuss everything from edentulous patients to the future of continuing education. You don’t want to miss these top-notch conversations, so be sure to check them out and stay tuned for what’s to come.

Dr. Ricardo Mitrani on the Dental Guys – Ricardo Mitrani and the Evil in Dentistry

ricardo mitrani dental guys

What started out as a conversation about edentulous patients, terminal dentitions and prosthetic design (specifically, Mitrani's “Lip-Tooth-Ridge” Classification technique) quickly turned into a passionate discussion of what he calls the “hostility of the oral environment” and the so-called “evil in dentistry.” What does this mean, and how does it relate to edentulous treatment planning and evaluation? You’ll have to listen for yourself to find out.

Dr. Dawn Wehking on Dental Up – Anterior Composite Restorations

dr dawn wehking dental up

In this episode of Keating Dental Arts’ “Dental Up” podcast, Dr. Wehking discussed her dental beginnings and the process of building up a steady practice with a committed patient base. She also discussed her simplified method for completing anterior composite restorations and the tools and techniques that enable her to provide the best chairside treatment. Listen to her episode here and be on the lookout for her article on anterior composite restorations coming soon to Spear Digest.

Dr. Jeff Rouse on the Dental Guys – Talking In Our Sleep

dr jeff rouse dental guys

Filmed at the Voices of Dentistry conference back in January of this year, this episode of the Dental Guys features Dr. Jeff Rouse discussing the ins and outs of proper airway protocol, treatment planning and timeline of treatment. Wondering who should be on your team for treating airway dysfunction? Not sure when to start screening and treating your patients? You don’t want to miss this episode.

Drs. Frank Spear and Gregg Kinzer on Dental Hacks – The Future of Dental CE

dr frank spear gregg kinzer dental hacks

Last but certainly not least, Drs. Alan Mead and Jason Lipscomb sat down with Drs. Spear and Kinzer for a lively discussion of all things Spear. The docs discussed methods for bringing patients into the office, transitioning patients to comprehensive care and how Kinzer and Spear became partners in dental practice. If you’ve ever heard either doctor speak, you know how engaging and entertaining their storytelling can be, and this episode is more of the same Dr. Spear and Dr. Kinzer Spear members have known and loved for ages. Give it a listen here.