Here at Spear, we’re always excited by opportunities to engage in conversation and create meaningful connections with dental professionals across the nation. As we’ve continued to build relationships with dental podcasters, our faculty has frequently appeared on their shows to discuss a plethora of dental topics, from practice management to career tips to clinical problem-solving.

The month of May is off to an active start for Spear, as our faculty has appeared on three podcasts. Be sure to check them out and stay tuned for more guest features.

Dr. Jim McKee on The Millennial Dentist – Occlusion and Spear Education

occlusion dentistry

After attending his first FGTP workshop on the Spear campus back in February, Dr. Richard Sullivan was immediately excited to put what he learned into practice. In preparation for his next visit to our Demystifying Occlusion seminar, Dr. Sullivan and his co-host, Dr. Peyman Raissi, were eager to chat with Spear's newest Resident Faculty member, Dr. Jim McKee. The interview highlighted Dr. McKee’s dental journey, discussed the evolution of case presentation and stressed the importance of finding and sticking with a strong continuing education program. Click here to listen to this episode by The Millennial Dentist.


Dr. Frank Spear on The Dental Guys – The Passion of Frank Spear

dental career case acceptance

In this interview with Drs. Wes Mullins and Jon Rogers of The Dental Guys, Dr. Spear discussed the driving forces behind the foundation of his career success. He explained how his passion for “helping patients choose the best dentistry” starts with a keen sense of people’s drivers and needs and is activated through a strong style of communication. He also shared bits of his personal journey toward great dentistry and how key figures in his life shaped his practice philosophy, from practice management to case presentation. Click here to listen to this episode of The Dental Guys

Dr. Gary DeWood on The Dentist Money TM Show – What Insurance Plans Should You Accept?

dental money practice management

When it comes to case presentation and treatment planning, insurance undoubtedly weighs heavily in the minds of both patient and doctor. But how much should dental professionals really be relying on insurance providers? How can these dental professionals initiate better business planning models to ensure high rates of case acceptance and low rates of lost income? Dr. Gary DeWood sat down with Reese Harper of The Dentist Money TM Show to answer all this and more. Click this link to listen to this episode of The Dentist Money Show.


Commenter's Profile Image Glenn M.
May 22nd, 2018
Listened to the podcast with Jim McKee. Would have like to heard Dr. McKee take on the role of airway problems and bruxism and TMD ?