Spear has released two new team meeting modules by Dr. Courtney Lavigne, one on referring to a specialist and the other on taking thorough and accurate case notes.

referring to dental specialist

The first, "Setting Patients Up For Success When Referring To a Specialist," will help the dental team set appropriate expectations when referring to specialists outside of the office. After viewing this module, team members will be able to:

  • Learn how to set the appropriate expectations for your patients when they are being seen by a provider outside of your office
  • Set the stage for what procedures will be completed during the patient's consultation or treatment at the specialist’s office
  • Know how to improve inter-office communication with your specialist

In the second team meeting, "The Importance of Thorough and Accurate Case Notes," Dr. Lavigne explains her six-step process for taking the most thorough notes for the sake of both patient and practice.

After working through this module, team members will be able to:

  •  Understand three reasons it is imperative notes be accurate and thorough
  •  Review the six parts of a complete note