Spear has released a new Study Club module on the process of upgrading an implant-supported overdenture to a fixed design. 

upgrading implant supported overdenture

In this module, Dr. Ricardo Mitrani walks Study Club members through the potential challenges of “upgrading” a patient's existing implant-supported overdenture to a fixed implant-supported solution. In a contemporary restorative practice, it is not uncommon to see new patients seeking a second opinion for a less-than-satisfactory implant-supported prosthesis that was previously completed elsewhere. The module highlights essential elements that must be carefully assessed in the decision process in order to ensure the feasibility of said conversion.

After working through this module, Study Club members will be able to:

  • Understand what different implant-supported solutions exist for restoring the edentulous maxilla
  • Understand how and when it is possible to transition a patient with an existing overdenture to a fixed solution
  • Understand the potential advantages and limitations of each prosthetic solution
  • Understand a possible sequence of therapy