Spear has released a new pathway designed to help viewers gain confidence in screening, examining and resolving airway issues in pediatric patients. There are three courses within this pathway: "Pediatric Airway Questions," "Pediatric Airway Examination and Protocol" and "Pediatric Airway Resolution."

pediatric airway treatment

"Pediatric Airway Patients: Screening, Examination, and Resolution" builds upon the concepts established in Airway Prosthodontics, providing clinicians with a roadmap for applying the framework to treating pediatric patients. Learners will understand the differences between pediatric and adult airway-compromised patients, and how to properly screen and examine children for symptoms of airway complications. Strategies for prevention, treatment, and referral are provided to guide the clinician to achieve the best outcomes for these patients. 

After completing this pathway, viewers will:

  • Know 10 questions that any clinician can use in screening pediatric patients for airway problems
  • Understand significant differences between pediatric and adult airway symptomology
  • Understand how to incorporate airway into your everyday dental examination, and what data to gather
  • Know strategies for referral and treatment of pediatric airway patients