Spear Education is excited to announce that it has partnered with Wistia, a leading innovator in video delivery, to provide an improved video streaming experience across all Spear Online platforms.  

dental continuing education videos

After conducting extensive research and assessing ongoing client feedback, our teams recognized several opportunities for improvement to give our clients an experience that is fast, user friendly and reliable.

“Spear is committed to providing the very best in online dental education, continually striving to innovate by investing in technology to enhance our doctors’ learning experience,” said Nick Saunders, director of digital content for Spear Online.

There are several ways the updated system is enhancing that experience, not the least of which is the ability to play our videos on any browser or operating system for optimal reliability across devices without the need for Flash.

In addition to the benefit of optimized system compatibility, the new platform automatically detects the viewer’s connection speed so that the highest possible resolution is immediately displayed - no more waiting several seconds for a crisp image to display or worrying about toggling the SD/HD switch back and forth. 

Prior to the update, our Spear Online team received a great deal of feedback from dentists saying they wished they had the ability to adjust playback speed so they could watch our content at their preferred pace. Our new update fulfills that wish by offering the ability to change the speed of a video to up to two times the regular speed, so viewers can choose to slow things down or get through a video in half the time.

Last but not least, all of our Patient Education videos now feature English-language closed captioning, a change that allows dentists to provide full services for patients with accessibility issues while also remaining compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

With this extensive new update, we hope our dentists will have a better and more reliable experience with our content and continue to trust Spear as a source of the most innovative, comprehensive continuing education.

Spear Online members can try out the new video features now by watching our dental continuing education videos.